The Community Outreach Core’s mission and purpose is to conduct outreach initiatives dedicated to adapting and implementing liver, colorectal and lung cancer education initiatives to expand knowledge, access and utilization of evidence-based practices in underserved African-American, Asian American, and Hispanic American populations in the Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York City (PNN) region. The Core concentrates on the goal of intervention, prevention, early detection, and resources to treatment in-relation to liver, colorectal, and lung cancers.

Our NYC-based Partners

Located in Brooklyn, New York, the Arthur Ashe Institute was founded in 1992 by tennis champion, humanitarian and activist, Arthur Ashe, to champion health equity and community wellness. Arthur Ashe once said, “To achieve greatness, start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can;” and the Institute started in Brooklyn neighborhoods, by collaborating with the community-businesses, community/faith-based organizations, academic institutions and legislators to promote health. AAIUH utilizes a model of community health empowerment to engage communities to address the disproportionate burden of illness and death faced by people of color within the community. Over the past five years, key Institute personnel, Dr. Marilyn Fraser (Chief Executive Officer) and Dr. Tenya Blackwell (Director of Community Engagement & Research) have closely worked with the U54 Outreach Core’s team, and engaged in biweekly, project meetings to ensure bi-directional communication and appropriate CBPR outreach strategies.  The Institute’s trained community outreach staff has reached out to hundreds of hair salon and barbershop personnel and clients to provide cancer prevention education.

Through education, empowerment, advocacy, and leadership trainings, Voces Latinas strives to ensure that Latinos have a voice in making healthier decisions for themselves and their families.  Voces Latinas reaches out to new and undocumented Latine immigrants, and meets them where they are by providing culturally-responsive services.  Through collaborations with a diverse network of partners and supporters, Voces Latinas has been making a meaningful impact on the lives of Latine individuals and families by providing access to resources and opportunities that promote wellness, celebrate cultural heritage, and support community building. Over the past five years, Voces Latinas has worked with the U54 Outreach Core’s team and engaged 12 Community Health Workers (CHWs) to address cancer disparities within underserved Latine communities in New York City.

Founded in 1973, Korean Community Services of Metropolitan New York, Inc (KCS) is the oldest and largest 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization assisting Korean-Americans and other immigrant communities in the greater New York City area with economic empowerment, social well-being, and health and wellness. KCS envisions a world where immigrant communities remain grounded in their heritage and work together with the broader community to build a better society at large. Director of Community Health, Sara Kim, works closely with the U54 Partnership and is committed to bridging the gap for Korean immigrants and the broader Asian community. Sara Kim’s leadership aims to facilitate full integration into society, overcoming economic, health, and linguistic barriers. KCS achieves its mission through culturally competent programs in Aging, Education, Immigration, Workforce Development, Public Health, and Mental Health. The organization envisions creating independent and thriving community members, fostering a sense of belonging and prosperity.

Recent Events

October 23, 2023

Breaking the silence on men’s health during a workshop hosted by The Bedstuy Family Health Center.

The workshop focused on acknowledging cancer awareness month with presentations on Male Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, and Lung Cancer.

Our CAB member from Arthur Ashe Institute, Brittney, spoke to the community about lung cancer and the importance of getting screened.

October 23, 2023

The NYC COC team spent the day at the Breast Cancer Health, Dance, and Fitness Fair in the Bronx.

It was great to see participants groove to salsa, bachata, merengue, Zumba, and more – all while raising awareness about breast cancer, celebrating survivors, supporting fighters, and honoring those we’ve lost.

October 15, 2023

Our CBOs had a great time during the lung cancer workshop hosted by Voces Latinas in Queens, NY.

We hope that the community members will benefit from the lung cancer workshop and the materials that were provided to them!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Community Outreach Coordinator at Hunter College, Safa Ibrahim at [email protected]