TUFCCC/HC Partnership

Despite advances in cancer treatment and research, there are significant cancer health disparities in underserved African, Asian-Pacific, and Hispanic American populations, bearing disproportionate cancer burden. Temple University Fox Chase Cancer Center and Hunter College Cancer Health Disparity Partnership (TUFCCC/HC Cancer Partnership) is a collaborative effort with the goals to develop a regional comprehensive collaborative cancer health equity research infrastructure in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York City (PNN) Region and establish rigorous and sustainable cancer research, education and outreach programs at both institutions.

The mission of the TUFCCC/HC Cancer Partnership is to reduce cancer health disparities among underserved health disparity populations and address critical national needs of career development in cancer research among underrepresented junior investigators and students. The two collaborative institutions have been highly committed to reducing cancer health disparities and advancing cancer health equity in the PNN region and beyond.

The TUFCCC/HC Cancer Partnership is built on strong collaborative history, successful and synergistic planning activities and accomplishments between TUFCCC and HC, as well as NCI-supported cancer disparities research networks.  Over the past years, TUFCCC and HC researchers together have achieved significant progress in cancer disparity research projects, community cancer outreach initiatives and training or mentoring underrepresented (URM) junior investigators and students in cancer research. All programs and projects are jointly developed and implemented at the two partnering institutions.